At a recent breakfast meeting the question was asked, ‘’During this unprecedented period of uncertainty how can business leaders motivate staff?’’. Some of the outcomes were predictable, pay, reward, better communications etc., but the real gem was this….As political parties and the country get ever more divided about what should or shouldn’t happen over Brexit and who’s to blame, businesses need strong-minded leadership.

The majority of people and organisations have little to no influence on what is going to happen, therefore regardless of its shape, size or colour the only thing that really counts is what a business does after Brexit.

Organisations demonstrating relentless upbeat determination and passion for making the best of whatever Brexit does or does not deliver have a golden opportunity right now to motivate staff because, as we know, positive energy and passion motivates individuals and helps mitigate the impact of relentless, and generally negative, 24 X 7 media bombardment.

However, organisations need to go further and complete a 360 with all key stakeholders, engaging with core customers, suppliers, investors as well as staff making sure that they are all focused and part of a team mentality to work though the challenges ahead and make the most of the inevitable opportunities that will arise; all will need to be agile and as joined up as possible. Existing partnerships will be key.

In short, being an optimistic, forward looking and thinking organisation with strong key stakeholder relationships will help put a business in the strongest possible position regardless of the Brexit outcome and leave behind those businesses who are divided, without focus and complaining. Giving staff, suppliers, customers and investors’ confidence that the business is united around taking on a new, if uncertain future is a key motivational opportunity right here, right now, for all concerned and the best possible platform for the future.