Too much time is spent in meetings. Meetings are seldom as productive as in theory they should be. Why?

Too often those attending have not prepared properly in advance. This lack of planning will normally sabotage the aim of the meeting i.e. to make effective decisions and get things done. And then there is the “superfluous meetings – The recurring meetings that are non motivational, seldom effective, and normally delay slick decision making.

Take a look at the minutes of the last meeting you attended. Then recall how long it lasted. My money is on the fact it could all have been done in half the time! Lastly calculate the cost of that time wasted (number of attendees x average hourly rate). Forget the fact those people could have been busy working on their individual priorities – do you see my point?!

Effective time management is a topic you can’t argue against – practice what you preach!

In the spirit of this message – The End!