Current conversation throughout the UK,Europe,and the wider world includes regular reference to “no deal”. Clearly this is in relation to Brexit and the chaos that surrounds that process.
This article is NOT about Brexit, but inspired by an article published today, that shows that public opinion now supports a “no deal” strategy (44% in favour in First Public survey). This position was viewed as exceptionally unlikely only a few weeks ago.
So… to my point. There is no such thing as “no deal” in business and life, unless of course that is your ultimate aim.
There are so many ways to tackle stalemate scenarios in business.
Think outside of the box, be creative, apply huge scoops of positivity, seek advice from others, analyse the blockage cause, and then dissect it and reanalyse it again, and again, and again.
Never give up! Think of success as a hurdle race… take each individual hurdle one at a time… the task often appears less daunting then.
No one can accurately predict at the moment the outcome of Brexit. This is often the same in business negotiations. What is certain though, that if you approach issues with the right frame of mind, you WILL win more than you lose!