Think about it. How can you grow negatively??

The UK’s economy contracted in the second quarter of 2019 for the first time since 2012.

Is a recession looming?
Will sterling reach parity with the euro?
Worldwide economic slowdown?
US trade wars… many more to come?

“Negative Growth” does not happen. “Negative Growth” is a fall. We should call it as it is…”The fall of the economy”.

At Masterminders we see this as as an opportunity.

Negativity is a disease that spreads and self fulfills.
Stop this mindset, think positively.
Don’t dig trenches… the first out of the trenches and seize the opportunities that you can create, whilst your competitors are retreating.

“Qui Audet Adipisctur”….”WHO DARES WINS”.

This motto was made popular by the British Special Air Service. This has been used by 12 elite special forces units around the world that in some way have historical ties to the British SAS.

Nothing could be more true in the current business climate.
“Luck favours the daring”.
Don’t get sucked into the sea of negativity around you. Rise above it, go the extra mile, do what it takes, and WIN.

At Masterminders, we’re here to help.