Businesses are having to make the toughest of decisions, for many this is against a backdrop of seeing their hard-fought aspirations disappear and with the realisation of not being able to fight back. Such an incredibly desperate chapter of history for everyone concerned.

The big ask of businesses and individuals is to not allow the instinctive but destructive emotions of fear and foreboding to take over (easier said than done), having a calm and objective frame of mind enables better decision making and a constructive approach to the tough issues of today, it will also help to enable a better frame of mind when business is able to refocus on opportunities and start to look further down the road to the future once again.

As at all times, it is essential to make the most of the present and prepare for the future. In many sectors there will be a lot of pent up demand, for others, it will take longer to recover, some may not pull through and will have to pick up whatever pieces they can and move on, whichever, the only way is forward, we have no choice in that. The choice we do have is in what frame of mind we approach today, tomorrow and the future.